Chris Jericho: WWE fame puts fans off Fozzy

Chris Jericho believes some rock fans are put off listening to his metal band Fozzy because of his fame as a WWE wrestler.

Chris Jericho: WWE fame puts fans off Fozzy

Chris Jericho thinks his WWE wrestling career puts off some potential Fozzy fans.

The 45-year-old frontman believes his commitment to both his passions as a WWE Superstar and the group's frontman has made some rock lovers question his commitment to being a musician, despite Fozzy releasing seven albums since 2000.

He explained: "Because I have notoriety from another area, that works against Fozzy. People think it's some kind of a novelty thing. Not as much any more, but you still get people who say, 'Yeah I've heard of them, but I've never listened to them - it's Jericho.' "

Chris has also teased that Fozzy's next album will be very eclectic as they have "adopted Queen's vibe" to ensure they craft a wide variety of songs.

Speaking to TeamRock presenter Pete Bailey for The Playlist Podcast, he said: "We will continue with this record very open mentally and not worry if it's too heavy, too fast, too poppy, too dancey or whatever. Just look at Queen. There's a reggae song, a rockabilly song, a metal song, a disco song - and they're all great because Queen are doing it.

"We kind of adopted that Queen vibe of, let's keep an open mind and write 12 great songs and not worry about what category they fit in, because it's all Fozzy and that's all that matters."

Chris, 45, recently returned to WWE to compete in the 'Royal Rumble' battle royale match at the event on January 24 with the winner being crowned the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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