Chris Martin's rejection lesson

Chris Martin's Coldplay bandmates have taught him to handle rejection as they are openly critical of his songs over the past decade.

Chris Martin's rejection lesson

Chris Martin has learned to take rejection.

The Coldplay frontman insists he has his bandmates to thank for helping him deal with knock-backs as they have been openly critical of his songs over the past decade.

He shared: "One thing we learnt from working with this guy, Brian Eno, is that you have to learn to take rejection. You have to learn that in your life anyway. So now I accept it - sometimes they'll say, 'Great, I love it. That feels amazing.' They never say it in a mean way, it's more like [nice].

"But sometimes they [his bandmates] really like it and we just go with it. We have a song called 'Everglow', which I showed to everybody and that song was fully formed with a piano and vocal and we just recorded it straight away in half an hour and it was done, which is an amazing feeling."

The 38-year-old musician also insists the band get on incredibly well, and rarely fight.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac, he added: "I think we've gone beyond the eye-rolling stage. Maybe ten years ago but ..."

His bandmate Jonny Buckland added: "I think on the last album we had one fall out between myself and Guy; it last about three minutes."

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