Chris Martin wants barber shop with Harry Styles

Chris Martin has revealed he would love to open up a barber shop with One Direction's Harry Styles and name it 'Hairy Styles'.

Chris Martin wants barber shop with Harry Styles

Chris Martin wants to open up a barber shop with Harry Styles.

The Coldplay frontman has revealed he's keen to set up a men's hairdressing company with the One Direction star but joked the 21-year-old singer had rejected his idea.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he shared: "I'm a big fan of Harry's. He's lovely. I wanted to open a barbershop with him called Hairy Styles, but he wouldn't. He doesn't call me back. We love those guys."

Meanwhile, the 38-year-old singer previously revealed he was a huge fan of the 'Night Changes' hitmaker's luscious locks and subsequently found it hard to choose whether he found Harry or Selena Gomez more attractive.

He shared: "We saw One Direction on Sunday [at the American Music Awards]. Harry's hair - it's very attractive, even I got a little confused. And I met Selena Gomez and she's so great and lovely, I felt so happy, like I was 12.

"It's got to the length where I'm like, 'So, who looks better out of Selena and him?'"

It is not the only time Chris has mentioned Harry's famous hair after he previously joked he had a "hot flush" when he laid eyes on the boy band star.

He explained: "[Harry Styles] has come to a couple of our shows. I think I probably said the same thing about chemistry. I can't remember - I was too enamoured with his haircut.

"I was like this, 'I was pretty sure I was a straight guy before.' I was having a hot flush."

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