Ciara: Motherhood has changed me as a person

Singer Ciara insists motherhood has changed her life for the "better".

Ciara: Motherhood has changed me as a person

Ciara says motherhood has "changed" her for the "better".

The 'Like A Boy' hitmaker has revealed her 21-month-old son Future Zahir Wilburn - who she has with her ex-fiancé Future - has had a profound effect on her life.

In an interview with Prestige Hong Kong magazine, she said: "Having my child is the most special part of this new chapter of my life. "Becoming a mother has really changed me for the better. Having my child has allowed me to be a bit more balanced and a bit more grounded. I know that when I make decisions I'm not only making them for myself any more, I'm making them for him, too. I think that helps me put a lot of things into perspective."

Her son turns two in May, but just three months after his birth Ciara split from rapper Future and she's had to deal with intense media speculation about her personal life.

It's not been easy for the single parent who has had to deal with various rumours about her love life, from reports that he cheated on her to questions about whether her new music was about her hip-hop ex.

But the 'Goodies' singer believes she's strong enough to survive the scrutiny.

She said: "Attention comes with the territory. You can't have this job that I have and not expect attention. Nowadays, social media just makes everything more dramatic, because one thing is multiplied by a hundred. A message travels faster and people enjoy drama. It's interesting to see how people fabricate things on a daily basis. But I was born to do what I do, so in a sense I'm built for it."

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