Ciara remembers hair hustle

Ciara has revealed her first "hustle" to make some money was when she styled her neighbours' hair as a teenager living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ciara remembers hair hustle

Ciara made money as a teenager styling her neighbours' hair.

The 'Like A Boy' hitmaker has revealed her first "hustle" was cutting her friends' and their families' locks while living in Atlanta, Georgia, and she recalls making good cash from her self-created job.

She said: "At an early age I did girls' hair in my neighbourhood. That was my hustle. I was able to make anywhere between $5 and $45 per girl."

Although that was the first job she remembers doing, Ciara knew she wanted to be a singer from the age of just four because of the way music made her feel.

Speaking to website Refinery29, she shared: "Around the age of four is when I first understood how music was able to make me feel. It really made me want to dance and want to sing. Instead of love at first sight, it was love at first listen. I connected right away."

Ciara - who has 21-month-old son Future with her rapper ex-fiancé who shares the same name as their boy and is now in a romance with NFL player Russell Wilson - knew she had truly made it in the pop business when she was awarded her first Grammy in 2006.

The 30-year-old R&B star said: "Winning a Grammy award was my first significant success. After winning, you feel validated that your dreams and goals are coming true and being reached. And from that point on, you are forever referred to and introduced as 'Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter.' That is pretty significant."

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