Coldplay will take requests for old songs on tour

Coldplay have announced they are taking song requests from their fans for their forthcoming 'A Head Full of Dreams' tour and want to play "old songs".

Coldplay will take requests for old songs on tour

Coldplay will take requests on their 'A Head Full of Dreams Tour' so fans can give them a reason to play "old songs".

While the band have agreed on most of the setlist which will include tracks from their latest album, they have revealed they will include a "request segment" so that fans can hear their favourite oldies from the group's illustrious career.

Frontman Chris Martin explained: "What we will do on this tour is almost like a request segment. We'd ask people to give us a reason why they want us to play that song so there is a purpose behind why we play it.

"I think we want to make it like a passport photobooth, so you go in and say, 'I am Derek, I would like you to play 'The Hardest Part' ... So for example, if we are going to play a song like 'Spies' off of 'Parachutes', it will be lovely to play it and say, 'This is for Helen from Bolton as this reminds her of her dad.' That is a bad example and not a real one."

Unlike some artists who grow tired of playing their old songs, Chris insists he and the rest of the group - Will Champion, Guy Berryman and Jonny Buckland - get a lot of fulfilment out of performing their hits.

The 38-year-old singer said: "We're enjoying playing really old songs. This tour will finally have a setlist where we feel good about it from start to finish."

The band will play four dates from June 15-19 at London's Wembley Stadium next summer as part of the UK leg of the tour, which is the band's first in three years and follows the release of their new album, 'A Head Full of Dreams'.

But first they are preparing for their half-time Super

Bowl 50 show on February 7.

Speaking about their slot at the showpiece NFL game, Chris told The Sun newspaper: "It's a huge show so there's a lot of pressure and we've already started planning what we want to do."

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