Coldplay would 'love' to play Glastonbury

British rock band Coldplay would "love" to headline Glastonbury next year, lead singer Chris Martin has revealed.

Coldplay would 'love' to play Glastonbury

Coldplay would "love" to headline Glastonbury next year.

The chart-topping rock band are rumoured to be one of the favourites to play the world famous festival in 2016, and the band's lead singer Chris Martin has admitted they would relish the opportunity, describing Glastonbury as their "spiritual home".

Asked about the possibility, Chris said: "Wouldn't that be wonderful? We'd love to do it. We should have called ahead and asked. We'd love to do it. That's like our spiritual home as a band."

Chris - who stars in the band alongside Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion - enjoyed the festival with his 11-year-old daughter Apple earlier this year and said it was a "lovely" experience.

He told BBC Radio 1: "I went this year and I took my daughter Apple and it was just so lovely to go with her and see it through her eyes.

"We spent a lot of the time going around looking at all the amazing [things] like circus performers and all that, and then we watched a bit of Pharrell who was amazing, and Burt Bacharach who was also amazing. It was just wonderful."

Meanwhile, Chris also spoke about the band's much-anticipated new album 'A Head Full of Dreams' - which will feature Beyonce and Noel Gallagher - admitting they were unconcerned by the critical reaction during the creative process.

He said: "We don't really think about anyone else when we're in the studio, but then you come out and go on the radio and think, 'Oh no!'

Because we made an album called 'Ghost Stories' a couple of years ago, and then instead of going on tour we went straight back in to make 'A Head Full of Dreams' which we always wanted to do, like a more joyful, colourful thing, so we didn't even see anyone really, so we haven't emerged for quite a long time."

Chris also revealed the new LP - which is released on December 4 - is less "intimate" than its predecessor.

He said: "I think we had a really clear idea of where we wanted to get to with this thing called 'A Head Full of Dreams'. We always wanted it to come out before the end of this year and it gradually moved later and later throughout the year but we just didn't want to give up on that. But we came in relatively on time! But we handed it in four weeks ago.

"The last one was a more intimate and quiet kind of album but I think we'd like to go on tour quite soon, so maybe early next year."

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