Connor Cruise: I love seeing my family when I can

Connor Cruise has been celebrating his 21st birthday for the past month, at various destinations around the world, but says the best part of reaching the landmark age was marking it with his family.

Connor Cruise: I love seeing my family when I can

Tom Cruise's son Connor says the best thing about turning 21 was that he got to see all his family.

The DJ is the adopted son of Tom and ex-wife Nicole Kidman and has been celebrating his landmark birthday for nearly a whole month at various destinations around the world.

But Connor admitted his favourite part of reaching the age was being able to see his family.

Asked what was his best part of turning 21, Connor replied: "Being with all my friends and seeing all my family."

With two Hollywood actors as parents, Connor had a very privileged upbringing, with saw him travel a lot.

Reminiscing about the holidays they used to take as a family, he told People magazine: "We used to go fishing a lot when I was a little kid. The biggest fish I caught was a 250lb tuna in Fiji, I was 10.

"I was blessed to travel the world as a young kid and now I'm traveling the world working."

Connor has begun to set himself apart from his parents thanks to his burgeoning career as a DJ, and said he is more than thrilled with his choice of career.

He added: "I started DJing in my bedroom when I was about 13. Then that escalated and I started doing shows."

"Music, it's where my head is at ... You know music is cool because you can never stop creating. You are always doing something new, so I'm willing to go wherever the music takes me."

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