Controlling mother Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh admits she is a "controlling" mother who doesn't like other people looking after her son.

Controlling mother Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh is a "controlling mother".

The former Girls Aloud singer admitted she won't let her 16-month-old son Bobby - who she has with fiance Justin Scott - stay at her best friend Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's house until he is much older because she feels "weird" when he isn't around.

She said: "Cheryl was well up for it and still is, and I would completely trust her.

"She knows what she is doing and she says he's so easy it would be fine, but I think maybe when he's a bit older and I feel it's easier to let him go.

"I'm quite a controlling mother. I would feel weird if he wasn't sleeping at my house, it's a bit pathetic.

"But Cheryl knows I'm one of those mothers, so she understands."

And despite her busy schedule, the 34-year-old star won't enlist the help of a nanny because she and Justin think it's important to be hands-on parents.

She told Closer magazine: "There's just no way I could do it.

"He's our son, it's us who should be putting him to bed. Justin feels the same - he doesn't want a stranger in our house.

"I'm not judging people, but we want him to see one of us before he goes to sleep and wake up to us in the morning, even if that is at 4am.

"We make it work. Justin was coming home early and doing bath time every night when I was on stage recently."

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