Courtney Love felt close to Kurt watching Montage of Heck

Courtney Love felt the closet to Kurt Cobain since his death when she watched 'Montage of Heck'.

Courtney Love felt the closest to Kurt Cobain since his death when she watched the 'Montage of Heck' documentary.

The Hole singer first saw the documentary about her late husband - who committed suicide in 1994 - at a private screening with her 22-year-old daughter Frances, before seeing it again at the Sundance Film Festival and, when director Brett Morgen offered to take her out for dinner while it was shown at the Berlin Film Festival, she declined his invitation to watch it a third time.

The filmmaker recalled: "Courtney said 'No, I want to watch it again. I want to spend some time with Kurt tonight'. She told me it's the closest she's been to Kurt since he died."

Brett was initially "horrified" at the thought of the outspoken singer seeing the footage because he doesn't think he portrayed her positively, so he was relieved when she had no complaints about the finished piece of work.

He told "I was horrified to show her the film because I didn't think she came out looking so great. She didn't bother to see it until it was completely finished. But when she saw the film, she didn't have a single note she wanted to change."

Kurt and Courtney's daughter, Frances, served as executive producer on the documentary and Brett is grateful to her for stepping back and allowing him to take centre stage over the film.

He said: "Frances is super smart. Super well read. She only wanted to do one interview for this film, not because she doesn't support the film but she doesn't want to be known as Kurt's daughter, she would rather be known for her art. This film doesn't represent her art, it's my art. She said to me 'This is your movie. If I go out and promote this I'll be defined as Kurt and Courtney's daughter and I don't want to do that'.

"Frances, like the other Cobains, enjoyed her anonymity. The respect she showed towards me, letting me make the film my way, was awesome."

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