Craig David: Fast cars didn't validate me

Craig David found he was trying to get validation by filling his life with fast cars and plush houses.

Craig David: Fast cars didn't validate me

Craig David's move to Miami made him realise his heart was in the UK.

The 34-year-old singer spent a lot of time Stateside focusing on his career, but admits he soon found out that it was England that he wanted to live in.

He explained: "Sometimes it takes you to go all the way to Miami to realise that actually where you really want to be is back in the UK and to be home."

"[I had] a beautiful apartment but the thing is, even though I thought I would be complete... Sometimes in life you always think that the grass is greener on the other side... I bought myself a sports car... the first one was a Ferrari the second one was a Lamborghini... it got to a point where I was literally driving the Lamborghini and getting in it and just thinking, where am I going? Has it come to this and I'm looking for validation, for someone to say that's a cool car you're in or that's a nice home?

"The thing is, you don't need a Lamborghini, you don't need to move to Miami, you don't need the place but the silver lining of the whole thing... I just realised that you don't need to go all the way to Miami, driving these cars and thinking you've got this lifestyle when actually all I really loved was being in the UK, making music and just having relationships with my friends and my family and enjoying being here."

Craig battled with his weight as a teenager, but is now a muscular, toned man.

One point in his life saw Craig with a very slight physique, and he said he struggles to look back at pictures from that time.

He told Jonathan Ross in an interview to air on Friday night (29.01.16): "I prefer weirdly enough looking at the overweight kid because when I look at [the other one] I was like at 4.7% body fat... When I look at that picture of me I look super gaunt, I look 40 years older, I look like ET in the basket on the way home with my finger up.

"I look so gaunt, I'm just like who is this guy, it proved how far I could take it to but it's not healthy. Also I wasn't socialising with my friends as well, that took over... Just a lot of self realisation came with that, music, Miami, what's going on, just eat a meal bruv!"

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