Daniel Craig: I'd love to work with Sam Mendes again

'Spectre' star Daniel Craig has revealed he is keen to work with director Sam Mendes again.

Daniel Craig: I'd love to work with Sam Mendes again

Daniel Craig is keen to work with Sam Mendes again.

The 47-year-old actor and the acclaimed director collaborated on the new Bond movie 'Spectre', and while Daniel has been unclear about whether he intends to return as 007, he's eager to work with Sam once again.

Daniel told The Sun newspaper: "I love working with Sam. I would work with him on any movie."

Sam, meanwhile, admitted to being anxious about the movie's release and said he's relieved that the film-making process is finally complete.

Speaking on the red carpet at the film's world premiere last night (26.10.15) in London, Sam shared: "I'm very proud and I'm quite nervous.

"I want people to like it, it's as simple as that really. I want people to like it as much as I do and I'm really proud of it. It was two and a half years work and we sweated blood over it and I'm really, really thrilled and a little bit relieved that we're here tonight."

Meanwhile, Daniel claimed recently that he reserves the right to change his mind about playing Bond again, after saying he'd rather "slash" his wrists than return to the role.

The actor - who first played Bond in 'Casino Royale' in 2006 - said: "I have the right to change my mind any time I want. And sometimes I say things, like I did when I was asked two days after I just finished shooting for eight months, 'Would I do another one?'"

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