Daniel Radcliffe's 'mundane' life

Daniel Radcliffe can't understand why people are so obsessed with him because he lives such a boring life.

Daniel Radcliffe's 'mundane' life

Daniel Radcliffe leads a "hilariously mundane" life.

The 'Victor Frankenstein' actor is always amused when he and girlfriend Erin Darke make headlines when they're out and about because they don't do anything interesting.

He said: "We're always doing hilariously mundane s**t.

"They never get me doing anything interesting, so the headline has to be like, 'They bought a yoga mat!' "

The 26-year-old star may have been in the spotlight longer, but his girlfriend deals with the attention they receive better than he does.

He said: "She deals with it f***ing brilliantly and I'm so relieved. It upsets me more than it upsets her."

Daniel also admitted he tries to resist reading about himself online as it gets him down, but sometimes he can't help himself.

He told Marie Claire magazine: "Sometimes I go through an unhealthy phase where I do read quite a lot [about myself]. Then I go through phases, like where I am at the moment, where I'm good and I don't and it generally makes me happier. I always wonder why I go back.

"What it normally starts of with is, I do an interview and I'm a bit worried about it. So I look it up and think, 'Oh what's that person written?' and I click on it and it's something awful and I'm like, 'Oh man, why did I do this to myself? It's stupid and I shouldn't."

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