Danielle Lloyd recalls death-defying cosmetic surgery

Danielle Lloyd has recalled how she nearly bled to death after undergoing cosmetic surgery, and wishes she'd waited until she was older to go under the knife.

Danielle Lloyd recalls death-defying cosmetic surgery

Danielle Lloyd admits she is "lucky to be alive" after nearly bleeding to death due to cosmetic surgery.

The former Miss England, who increased her breast size from a 32AA to a 32DD following a number of operations, regrets going under the knife to boost her bust after coming close to meeting her maker following one op.

Speaking about one of her procedures, the brunette beauty - who went under the knife in 2012 to perfect a sagging breast - said: "I woke up and my breast was literally the size of my head and they wouldn't stop growing.

"I had a hole in the left side of my breast and I wasn't sure what the hole was there for, I knew there was some sort of infection.

"When I was under anaesthetic they removed the implants and they found a blood clot and I started to bleed to death, I actually lost six pints of blood and you've only got 12 in your body so I had to have an emergency blood transfusion.

"I'd had to have a lot of breast tissue removed because of the infection. It was just horrible, I couldn't believe what I'd done to my body and not only that, I was lucky to be alive. I'd wanted to better myself to make me more confident and I'd gone from that, to not having any confidence at all."

The 32-year-old star - who has kids, Archie, five, Harry, four, and two-year-old George with her ex-husband, soccer player Jamie O'Hara - now wishes she had waited until she was "older" and "more mature" to have work done on her body.

Speaking on 'This Morning', she added: "I really wish that I would have waited till I was a lot older, a lot more mature, maybe till after I'd had all my children to then decide. Natural's better.

"You don't need to get cosmetic surgery to get yourself beautiful. That's the message. I'm not saying that you should never get cosmetic surgery but if you are going to do it you really need to research properly and think about what you do and take your time because it's your health, it's your life.

"I have got three young boys and I couldn't put myself through that pressure again, I couldn't live without them."

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