Dave Bautista fears being typecast

Wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista has revealed he's rejected lots of film roles to avoid being typecast.

Dave Bautista fears being typecast

Dave Bautista has rejected lots of film roles for fear of being typecast.

The wrestler-turned-actor stars as Mr Hinx alongside Daniel Craig in the new Bond movie 'Spectre' and has revealed he had some serious concerns about the role before he finally accepted the part.

He shared: "I really fought hard to not get typecast as your big, dumb muscle-head. We turn down a lot of stuff. We're very picky and choosy, which means not working very much.

"But we really fought hard because we didn't want to get typecast as that guy. Because that guy is easy to play.

"That was my concern because I didn't actually know much about the character when I was asked to audition for the part."

Dave also lifted the lid on the casting process, admitting he initially auditioned for another role in the movie.

The burly star told Entertainment Weekly: "I auditioned for someone who was not Hinx. I reenacted a scene from another Bond film. It was a video audition. I had to recreate a scene from 'Casino Royale'."

Dave also said he's proud to have become the latest in a long list of iconic Bond henchmen.

The 46-year-old actor reflected: "For another film, I might not use the word henchman. But for Bond, I will proudly.

"Bond henchmen are iconic. The way Hinx is portrayed is awesome. There's nothing subservient about him. He's on a mission. He's smart. It's great!"

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