David Bowie 'kept his ego in check'

David Bowie always remained humble despite his fame and success, a former colleague has revealed.

David Bowie 'kept his ego in check'

David Bowie always "had his ego completely in check", according to Robert Fox.

The theatre producer worked with the London-born star on his stage musical 'Lazarus' and said that despite his superstar status, Bowie remained humble about his success.

He shared: "I have been fortunate to have worked with a number of huge creative talents, and David was as great as, if not greater than, any of them. He had one quality that was unique in my experience - he had his ego completely in check.

"Not for one second did he behave with anything other than impeccable manners, humour and grace and a desire to collaborate on an entirely even playing field.

"He had nothing but support and encouragement for his colleagues and his highly tuned and immensely well disciplined brain inspired others to try to achieve their best."

Fox said the public reaction to Bowie's death is a reflection of his immense talent and warmth.

He told the Observer newspaper: "The extraordinary outpouring of love and sadness over these past few days is, of course, to do with him being a great artist, but it is also as much to do with him having been a great man."

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