David Bowie prepared daughter for his death

David Bowie and Iman "prepared" their 15-year-old daughter Alexandria for the singer's death.

David Bowie prepared daughter for his death

David Bowie and Iman "prepared" their daughter for the singer's death.

The 'Man Who Sold the World' hitmaker - who lost his secret battle with cancer on Sunday (10.01.16) aged 69 - and his 60-year-old wife wanted to make things easier for 15-year-old Alexandria, who is known as Lexi, in the aftermath of his passing and have ensured she has a "strong support system" around her.

A source said: "[Lex] is doing OK but still very sad.

"The support the world has shown warms the families heart. Bowie and Iman have walked Lexi through this battle in the past few months, so she was as prepared as she could be. Lexi was there for her dad as much as possible.

"Lexi has such a strong support system around her. Iman and Lexi have a very close bond. This was not a sudden shock they knew this was going to happen towards the end so they cherished and made the best of each day they had together. His kids were by his side until the end of his road. He died peacefully and fought as long as he could."

The 'Let's Dance' singer - who also had grown-up son Duncan Jones with ex-wife Angie - had a very close relationship with his daughter and was a hands-on parent.

The source added to E! News: "As a dad, Bowie was very hands-on with Lexi through her young years and he did the regular things a dad would do when he wasn't on tour or working.

"He was a big influence in Lexi's life. He was always very open and honest about his thoughts and views on life.

"Lexi and Bowie had a loving father and daughter relationship."

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