David Bowie's ex: There will never be another like him

David Bowie's former girlfriend Ava Cherry has opened up about her love for the late singer, revealing he will "always remain in my heart".

David Bowie's ex: There will never be another like him

David Bowie's former girlfriend says there will "never be another like him".

Ava Cherry, who worked as a backup singer for David between 1974 and 1978 and also dated the star, spoke after his tragic death on Sunday (10.01.16) following an 18-month battle with cancer.

She told Billboard magazine: "All I could think when I heard the news of David's passing was 'the world has lost its starman!' And suddenly I understood that he was giving us his eulogy, going out his way.

"There will never be another like him, and since he was my first love, he will always remain in my heart."

Recalling how the pair first met at an industry party, Ava said it was her blonde hair that first attracted David's attention, and he was quick to invite her to go on tour with him in Japan.

She added: "He changed the whole direction of my life. He taught me things, encouraged me to try to learn all I could."

Ava also spoke about one of her favourite memories of David, when he introduced her to Beatles singer John Lennon and the group ended up working together.

She said: "My favourite moment with him was at Electric Lady Studios in New York with John Lennon. David and I waited for him to arrive at the studio, and he was like a kid, so excited about John, who was one of the only guys I ever saw him impressed by."

Meanwhile, actress Nicole Kidman has also recounted her memories of David, admitting his was the first concert she ever attended.

She found out about his death while shooting the HBO series 'Big Little Lies' alongside Reese Witherspoon, and took the news hard.

She told E! News: "We were shooting a yoga class and I was lying on the floor and in the middle of the takes and they were playing 'Ziggy Stardust' and I was crying. I loved David Bowie."

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