David Bowie was 'optimistic' about cancer recovery

David Bowie was "optimistic" about recovering from cancer and was preparing to take an "experimental" medicine just weeks before his death, it has been claimed.

David Bowie was 'optimistic' about cancer recovery

David Bowie was "optimistic" about a recovery just weeks before his death.

The 'Starman' hitmaker tragically passed away on Sunday (10.01.16) after a secret 18-month battle with cancer but a close friend, film and theatre producer Robert Fox, has now revealed he met a positive David last month, who was preparing to take an "experimental" new drug in the hope it would "prolong his life".

He told The Times newspaper: "He was feeling unwell but he wasn't making a fuss about it. He was about to start a new treatment that was quite experimental and that had had some success in other people.

"He felt optimistic about it being able to prolong his life, hopefully in the belief there would be better and newer treatments that would come along."

Meanwhile, it was previously claimed that the legendary singer - who was just 69-years-old when he passed away - died from liver cancer.

Ivo van Hove, the director who worked on his stage show 'Lazarus', said: "I have known for about a year. We began collaborating on our show, 'Lazarus', and at some point he took me to one side to say that he wouldn't always be able to be there due to his illness. He told me he had cancer, liver cancer.

"The cast didn't know all that time, and I suspect that the musicians with whom he recorded 'Blackstar' didn't know either. He made every effort to complete those two projects on time, not to let his illness win."

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