David Choi would move to Singapore for love

The Korean-American YouTuber loves Singapore so much, he’d even consider moving here should he meet his life partner, but coffee with Narelle Kheng won’t be the start of that

David Choi would move to Singapore for love

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When Narelle Kheng of local band The Sam Willows cheekily asked Korean-American YouTube sensation David Choi out for coffee on Twitter, “Eh let’s go drink kopi lei”, a confused David proceeded to ask Toggle for the meaning of the latter few non-English words.

Apparently, going out for coffee is “not really a date” to the singer-songwriter, who shunned the idea that Narelle had asked him out, saying, “I meet up with a lot of people just as friends.”

Unfortunately, the 29-year-old will not be doing much of that anytime soon. David, who is in Singapore to promote his new album Stories of You’s and Me, will be leaving Asia for Europe and continuing his tour. Despite spending little time at each location while touring, David shared in his interview with Toggle yesterday that Singapore was one of the places he could call home.

“So I asked my friend yesterday, if you could have four houses in the world, where would you choose? And I chose: LA, where I’m at right now, Hawaii, Singapore and Korea.”

Regarding moving to Singapore for good, David replied, “Who knows? It could happen, if I meet a really cool girl out here.”

  David Choi would move to Singapore for love

While that reply might surprise many, the thought might not be so farfetched considering he’s dated in Singapore before, and even wrote a song about his date at our very own Dempsey Hill.

He explained, “Yeah, I went to Dempsey Hill and had dinner with someone, went home and wrote a song about it. If you want to find out more, just listen to the lyrics.”

Although David would not reveal the identity of his dinner date, he revealed quite a lot about his thought process on dates through the track on his album that shares the same name as the said location.

Influenced by his frequent visits to Singapore, the song is basically his idea of how a date goes, shining through lyrics like: “Let’s pick a spot that we don’t know… Twenty questions through the night… Did I mention you’re looking pretty cute?”

So has his taste in girls has changed since 2013 when he said that he would like a girl who “can converse, is nice and cute, likes dogs and gets along with people”?

“I’d say it’s similar. They need to be confident in themselves and independent… Pretty much everything I said. I’ll stick to that,” explained David.

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