Deadpool's Tim Miller: I'm not a Hollywood insider

'Deadpool' director Tim Miller says he treated the comic book character from the perspective of a "fan" and not a "Hollywood insider".

Deadpool's Tim Miller: I'm not a Hollywood insider

'Deadpool' director Tim Miller isn't a "Hollywood insider".

The filmmaker - who led Ryan Reynolds in his comedic performance of the titular comic book antihero - considers himself a fan of stories and their characters and not like studio bosses who carelessly treat movies as financial "property".

He explained: "I wouldn't say I'm a Hollywood insider... they take a property and do things to it that you can only do if you don't understand the property and don't care about it.

"Personally I fall in love with characters and stories for a reason, and then when you translate them to the big screen, to throw away all of those things that made it great just makes no f**king sense to me. As a studio executive, why would you think that you know better than 20 years of fans' love for a character?

"I've always felt like I have a responsibility to the character and to the lore of the character."

In 'Deadpool' Ryan reprised the comic book character he first played in 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'.

And Tim thinks the 39-year-old star was the only man fit for the role.

He told SFX: "His DNA is all over the movie. If you are looking at other Hollywood leading men, where are you going to find the combination of athleticism, beauty - he's an excellent looking man - and comedy that this guy's got? And the comedy is the clincher. He's an amazing actor but he's so f**king funny. His persinality in real likfe is very close to Deadpool in the film. It's just the kind of guy he is."

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