Delta Goodrem: Ricky Martin tour was weird choice

Delta Goodrem found touring with Ricky Martin was a "weird choice" for her as she wouldn't normally agree to support another artist.

Delta Goodrem: Ricky Martin tour was weird choice

Delta Goodrem thinks touring with Ricky Martin was a "weird choice".

The 'Wings' singer and Latino heartthrob should have been fierce rivals as coaches on the Australian version of talent show 'The Voice' but their "chemistry" worked so well, they went on the road together.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "It was a weird choice for me because obviously I do my own shows but I wanted to do it because we have this amazing chemistry when we sing live together.

"And he's a kindred spirit in my life."

During the tour the 31-year-old beauty found that something "clicked" on stage and her life was "put back into shape" at a time when she was contemplating what she wanted to over the next 10 years.

Delta shared: "My set, not being my show, was 10,000 people, piano, a guitar, and a drum, and it had to fill the room in such a stripped back way. It just brought me back to a place that, I just went, 'I love this. Like I really, really love this.' The lights were off and it was a spotlight. But it was minus anything bigger, and there was something about it that just clicked my whole life back into shape.

"You know when you choose to do something and you don't know why you're doing it? I know for the love of reason, but it wasn't a strategic thing, it wasn't a thing for my brand, it wasn't anything, it was just me."

Meanwhile, Delta has found her "roots" again and after touring with Ricky, her track 'Wings' became the ninth number on the ARIA Singles Chart.

She added: "After I walked off that tour I walked straight into the studio, and I went, you know what type of song I need? I want something I'm currently listening to I want something that I feel is now. And I want to bring in what my roots are and I'm a classical piano player, like that's what I actually need to put into my pop songs. So that's what I did."

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