Dita Von Teese's moderate Christmas

Dita Von Teese has advised drinking a lot of water so as not to get too drunk when enjoying festive parties.

Dita Von Teese's moderate Christmas

Dita Von Teese won't be getting too drunk over the festive period.

The 43-year-old burlesque star's top tips for enjoying the season include drinking a lot of water and choosing outfits that feel "amazing".

Asked her advice for enjoying festive parties, she said: "Wear something you love - the outfit I always feel amazing in is an LBD with Christian Louboutins.

"And drink a glass of water for every glass of champagne."

Dita also admitted she rarely parties until late into the night as she prefers to go to bed "quite early" when she isn't working.

Discussing her favourite ever parties, she said: "I went to a beautiful party for Dior in the Palace of Versailles about five years ago.

"Everyone in the fashion world was there.

"But I like to go to bed quite early - unless I'm performing.

"It depends if I'm playing the part of showgirl or businesswoman."

Dita starts her day with a Pilates session and a healthy breakfast to ensure she feels as good as possible.

She said: "I do Pilates about three times a week. I feel like I have more energy during the day if I exercise in the morning.

"I always start my day with a shot of lemon in hot water - it's great for your skin.

"And then for breakfast I'll usually have a bowl of oats with cinnamon. Almonds are my favourite beauty-boosting snack."

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