Dita Von Teese wants tech detox

Dita Von Teese plans to take time away from her "businesswoman" side in 2016.

Dita Von Teese wants tech detox

Dita Von Teese wants to take an email "detox" in 2016.

The 43-year-old burlesque star hopes to embark on a European tour in the new year and also take time out from her "businesswoman" side.

Asked her plans for 2016, she said: "I need to take a serious detox time out with my email.

"The businesswoman side of me has dominated this year and it almost feels like I've had an office job.

"I'd like to bring my burlesque tour to Europe."

And Dita is also keen to spend more time working on her new home.

She said: "It took me so long to find it - I wanted something unmodernised.

"I love the house but moving was so traumatic. I've been living out of boxes.

"I collect antiques, vintage lingerie, cosmetics - I have so many things.

"I want to make it my forever home.

"I'm redoing the kitchen and I got an Aga in racing green. I love to cook and I had to have one."

Dita was hoping to find some new goods for her kitchen under the Christmas tree this year.

She said: "I've been lusting after copper things for my kitchen and I love those jewelled compacts Estee Lauder do."

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