Drew Barrymore worries her kids will get sick

Drew Barrymore worries all the time as a parent that her daughters - her children with husband Will Kopelman - could get seriously ill.

Drew Barrymore worries her kids will get sick

Drew Barrymore is terrified of her children getting seriously ill.

The 'Miss You Already' actress has daughters Olive, three, and 19-month-old Frankie with husband Will Kopelman, hosts an annual event at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles with her cosmetics company, Flower Beauty, to lend her support to sick children and their mothers, but admits one incident "tapped into all (her) fears as a mother".

She told PEOPLE magazine: "I first started working with Children's Hospital Los Angeles about three years ago. We wanted to do this kid-centric day with Flower Beauty, but they told us that the mothers don't often get to leave the hospital, so we decided to do an annual Mother's Day event right there. The children can play while their moms get treated to a day of beauty with hair and make-up stations.

"I remember walking into the room of a child who was on a respirator, and the mother and I recognised each other. She had been kind enough to give me and my kids their table in a coffee shop two weeks earlier. Now she was telling me about how one day her daughter was fine and the next she wasn't. It tapped into all my fears as a mother, and I was so moved."

The 40-year-old star plans to encourage her daughters to volunteer and work with charities from an early age and realise that they need to not take their privileged position for granted.

She said: "When my girls get older, I want them to know that you have to get outside yourself and help. It's just a powerful thing."

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