Duchess of York: Princess Beatrice is 'very financially savvy'

Britain's Sarah, Duchess of York has revealed her eldest daughter Princess Beatrice is much more "financially savvy" than she is.

Duchess of York: Princess Beatrice is 'very financially savvy'

Britain's Duchess of York says her daughter Princess Beatrice is "very financially savvy".

Sarah Ferguson - who also has daughter Princess Eugenie, 25, with ex-husband Prince Andrew - has insisted Beatrice is doing great in her new job at a Manhattan equity firm and has had no trouble adapting to her new life in New York City as she's much better with money than she is.

She shared: "She loves it. She's doing very well.

"She's very financially savvy, unlike her mother!"

The Duchess also revealed she and Beatrice, 27, were planning a night out in the city to celebrate her 56th birthday last night (15.10.15).

She told People magazine: "We have a great time in New York. We'll probably go somewhere downtown. We love going out downtown."

Although it was recently reported the Duchess had moved to Switzerland, she's claimed she doesn't spend enough time in any one place to call it home.

She explained: "The thing is that I live all over the place. So I'm not really anywhere. I don't live in Switzerland, but I do spend a lot of time there because that's where I got fit and very strong and lost 55 pounds."

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