Eddie Redmayne ditched smartphone to live 'in the moment'

Eddie Redmayne has revealed he temporarily ditched his smartphone to try and overcome his reliance on the device and to live "in the moment".

Eddie Redmayne ditched smartphone to live 'in the moment'

Eddie Redmayne ditched his smartphone so he could live "in the moment".

The 34-year-old actor made the decision to swap his Apple iPhone to a more basic handset so he wouldn't constantly be distracted by the messages, emails and apps on the Internet enabled handset.

Speaking to The Independent newspaper, he revealed: "I tried switching back to a simple, old-fashioned handset in place of a smartphone. It was a reaction against being glued permanently to my iPhone during waking hours. The deluge of emails was constant and I found myself trying to keep up in real time, at the expense of living in the moment."

Despite his best efforts to use less tech in his daily life, Eddie soon found himself spending far more time on his laptop in the mornings and evenings, much to the frustration of his wife Hannah Bagshawe - who is pregnant with their first child.

So 'The Danish Girl' star went back to using an iPhone in order to manage his communications more evenly through the day.

He explained: "I was tied to my laptop answering emails for two hours first thing every morning and last thing at night instead, which was a different kind of intrusion.

"I wasn't very popular with Hannah, so today I'm back on my iPhone and trying to master a healthier relationship with it."

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