Eddie Redmayne has reached his peak

Eddie Redmayne has had an "extraordinary" year and doesn't think his career will ever be better.

Eddie Redmayne has reached his peak

Eddie Redmayne doesn't think his career can get any better.

The 33-year-old actor scooped the Best Actor Oscar for the 'Theory of Everything' and landed roles in 'The Danish Girl' and 'Harry Potter' spin-off 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' last year and thinks 2015 marked his professional peak.

He said: "The stakes get higher each time if you've been lucky enough to be successful. Or at least they feel higher.

"What's complicated is... I'm having a year like this year, which is unquestionable the most extraordinary year, and I'm already accepting it's the best it will ever get.

"But you want to keep doing good work, to see how long you can extend it."

Despite his success, Eddie insists it hasn't made him more confident and he is constantly anxious about his work.

He told Britain's GQ magazine: "Anxiety drives me... and fear of screwing up...

"No confidence comes with [success]. You feel you've had this lucky break.

"You've got this gig that people admire. And you've done OK. But you also know that people are like, 'Who's he? Who's that dude? And you have to do it again.

"I'm perpetually nervous about pretty much everything really."

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