Eddie Redmayne praises wife

Eddie Redmayne thinks his wife is a "wonder" for the way she supports him and his career.

Eddie Redmayne praises wife

Eddie Redmayne's wife is "a wonder".

The 34-year-old Oscar-winning actor not only thinks marriage was the most "wonderful" thing he's ever done but he's also amazed at how remarkable his wife Hannah Bagshawe - who he wed in 2014 - is for supporting his career and being a "massive part" of his success.

He said: "She is an absolute wonder. Because the work I do is all encompassing, when I am prepping for it she is a massive part of that."

His wife has been by his side throughout award season and Eddie appreciates her support.

He said: "It is so lovely to do it as a team."

Hannah, also 34, is an expert in antiques and gave up working for a prestigious dealer and set out on her own so that she could be available to travel with her spouse at the drop of a hat, which he is thrilled by.

He explained to the Daily Telegraph magazine: "Working for her old boss, it used to complicate things if we had to go to LA for the day; it is wonderful she can now travel all the time."

The couple announced last month that they are expecting their first child in June and the 'Danish Girl' star is now preparing for his new role as a parent and will be "taking some time out" from movies after a busy and successful period.

He said: "I'm looking forward to the breather to take it all in."

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