Elizabeth Banks' sons are obsessed with Star Wars

Elizabeth Banks has admitted her sons Felix and Magnus love the 'Star Wars' franchise, even though they are yet to watch the film series.

Elizabeth Banks' sons are obsessed with Star Wars

Elizabeth Banks' sons are obsessed with 'Star Wars.'

The 'Hunger Games' actress has admitted her children Felix, four, and Magnus, three, have an excessive love for the epic space opera franchise but are yet to see the films.

Speaking on the 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' last night (24.11.15), she said: "They're all about 'Star Wars.' They don't really know anything about 'Star Wars.'

"I don't know how 'Star Wars' is doing it, but they've possessed my children. They got toothbrushes with Anakin and Darth Vader on them, accidentally. They got sent to the house. So they're like, 'Who are these guys?' "

And, although the boys are yet to see the famous film series, Banks is forced to "vet" everything they watch nowadays.

She said: "I have to vet everything these days."

And it's not just the 'Star Wars' series little Felix and Magnus hasn't seen as they're yet to watch their mum portray her role as Effie in the 'Hunger Games' franchise.

Banks, 41, explained with a giggle: "They know who Effie. They've played with Effie's Barbie for a couple years now. She's naked. They play with a naked Barbie of me."

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