Ellie Goulding flying the flag for Britain

Ellie Goulding has insisted she supports all the British pop artists who crack America and take the UK's music Stateside.

Ellie Goulding flying the flag for Britain

Ellie Goulding is a massive supporter of Adele and other British artists who make it in the US.

Like the returning Adele, the 28-year-old singer has managed to break America and she will always be proud to fly the flag for the UK along with her pop peers.

In an interview with 'Lorraine', she said: "I'm a supporter (of singers), especially of British artists like Adele that make it over in the States because it's like representing and that doesn't always happen when you cross over to America. You can do a lot yourself now, so I think just generally music is really flourishing and there's so much new stuff ... There's a lot of British artists that are in the spotlight and there's a lot that are a bit more underground coming through."

Ellie is hoping to conquer the charts Stateside again now he she has just released her third studio album 'Delirium'.

The 'On My Mind' hitmaker believes it is her "most adventurous" record to date and she's thrilled it's now out and her fans can hear her fresh songs.

She said: "It's probably my most adventurous album in pop. I've worked with some amazing people. I've been back and forth to LA for two years. It seems like my last album wasn't out that long ago because of all the collaborations and 'Love Me Like You Do' but it's been three years. I'm excited for it."

And Ellie - who is dating Dougie Poynter - has revealed there's a "sister song" on the LP to 'Love Me Like You Do', the track she recorded for the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film.

She explained: "It sounds really cheesy but there's definitely a sister song to 'Love Me Like You Do'. It has a really similar sentiment and I can't get bored of it."

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