Elton John's wind complaint

Sir Elton John once requested a staff member "do something" about the windy weather outside his hotel room.

Elton John's wind complaint

Sir Elton John once demanded a staff member "do something" about the windy weather.

The 'Crocodile Rock' singer - who has sons Zachary, five, and Elijah, three, with husband David Furnish - has been known for diva behaviour and admits one of his most unrealistic moments came when he was frustrated by the blustery conditions.

He said: "I'd been up for a couple of days at the Inn on the Park, as it was then, on Park Lane in London, and I was still up at 11 o'clock in the morning. I rang the office and spoke to a guy called Robert Keown and I said, 'Robert, it's far too windy here, can you do something about it?'

"And I can imagine him putting his hand over the receiver going, 'He's finally lost the plot'.

"It wasnt a tantrum as such but as reality goes, it was pretty far off the chart.

The 'Tiny Dancer' singer also revealed he doesn't own a mobile phone because he can simply borrow someone else's if he needs to make a call.

Speaking during James Corden's 'Late Late Show' Carpool Karaoke segment, he said: "I don't have a phone. I don't have a phone. There's someone around me, there's usually a security person around me. I do have an iPad."

The stunned host said: "So right now, I could legitimately kidnap you?"

Elton quipped: "I've been wanting you to do that."

The 68-year-old singer admitted he buys four copies of every record he likes so he can listen to it wherever he is.

He said: "I've never been able to have one of anything, if I buy a record I get four copies, one for the house here, one for the house in France, one for the house in England and one for the place in Atlanta."

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