Emily Blunt's stutter returned during pregnancy

Hollywood star Emily Blunt has revealed her stutter came back when she was pregnant.

Emily Blunt's stutter returned during pregnancy

Emily Blunt's stutter came back when she was pregnant.

The 32-year-old actress - who has 20-month-old daughter Hazel with husband John Krasinski - began acting as a child as a way of overcoming her speech difficulties and though she eventually "grew out of" the impediment, she was surprised when it suddenly returned.

She said: "I've sort of grown out of it, but funnily enough when I was pregnant it came back quite prominently. That was interesting."

The 'Sicario' actress admits motherhood has changed her profoundly and she loves the feeling of having a constant "lovely distraction" in her life.

She told Radio Times: "It changes you infinitely in a rather overwhelming way.

"The best way I can describe it is that it's like this lovely distraction that I always have. It's always there and I love that feeling."

The British actress currently lives in Los Angeles with her family, but has mixed feelings about the city.

She said: "It's complicated. I love so much about LA and I hate a lot about it too.

"I hate that it's a one-industry town and that the quest for success emanates from every corner of it. It can be suffocating in some ways.

"But I love my friends there, I love the weather and it's a very easy place to raise a child.

"A lot of time we lie outside of LA in the countryside, in a place called Ojai, which is lovely and offers more respite than the city."

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