Emily Blunt's Victorian role led to Sicario casting

Emily Blunt is stunned that 'Sicario' director Denis Villeneuve decided to cast her in the tense thriller after seeing her in period drama 'The Young Victoria'.

Emily Blunt's Victorian role led to Sicario casting

Emily Blunt's role as the Queen of England in 'The Young Victoria' led to her being cast in 'Sicario'.

The 32-year-old actress star as FBI agent Kate Macer in the tense thriller, but is amazed it was a period drama that caught the eye of director Denis Villeneuve.

She said: "Of all the films, he saw me in this role where I play the Queen of England, which is so bizarre. I'm literally in a bonnet and a flowery dress for the whole thing. But I think that character had that sort of mix of vulnerability and strength that he wanted for this."

'Sicario' also stars Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin and was praised by critics for its tough subject matter and pace.

And Emily jumped at the chance to appear in the movie.

She told Deadline Hollywood: "I think the ambiguity of it, morally and psychologically, was really appealing to me because so many films are very clear cut, and I think I miss that about the old seventies films where so much is left to the power of suggestion. I think that 'Sicario' has that ability.

"I thought it was complicated and uncompromising in a way. So I loved that, and I loved that you weren't given a huge amount of backstory. You know she needs a new bra, you know that she's gone through a divorce, but that's it.

"That's literally all that you're told, and so the need to invent and create a whole inner life for this person was a challenge and was something that was really exciting for me."

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