Eva Longoria feels married

Eva Longoria and Jose 'Pepe' Baston "feel married" already and have referred to one another as "husband and wife" for some time.

Eva Longoria feels married

Eva Longoria and Jose 'Pepe' Baston "feel married" already.

The 'Telenovela' actress got engaged to the 47-year-old TV president in December after over two years together but they have been referring to one another as husband and wife for some time.

She said: "[We've] been calling each other husband and wife for a while.

"The word 'fiancée' feels like I got demoted! We feel married."

The 40-year-old beauty - who was previously married to actor Tyler Christopher and basketball player Tony Parker - has learned a lot from her past experiences and that has helped her appreciate her relationship with Pepe.

She told Us Weekly magazine: "What makes my relationship with Pepe so much sweeter is that I don't put pressure on myself or the idea of marriage as much as I did when I was younger.

"I wanted to walk down the aisle, I wanted a dress, I wanted the church. Once you realise a wedding isn't a marriage, then you can learn to appreciate it more, and it lessens the expectations when you've gone through it."

These days, Eva has learned to relax and be less controlling about "simple things" such as dinner plans and booking vacations.

She said: "I used to care so deeply about all of those things that peck away at a relationship. If I let go of the reins, I know Pepe knows how to drive, and I trust that. I've found patience to relax and let go."

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