Eva Longoria's animal engagement

Eva Longoria says José 'Pepe' Bastón's proposal was very memorable and involved "a lot of animals".

Eva Longoria's animal engagement

Eva Longoria's engagement involved "a lot of animals".

The 'Telenovela' actress was overjoyed when boyfriend José 'Pepe' Bastón - popped the question last month during a break in Dubai and she will never forget the effort the TV president made when it came to asking her to be his wife.

She said: "We were in Dubai -- didn't expect it there... One hundred percent surprised me. He's very romantic and sweet and kind, and so he put a lot of effort into it and it was very memorable.

"There were camels present, a bird, a bird was present as well... A lot of animals were involved in our engagement... It was beautiful, it was romantic, it was awesome."

The 40-year-old beauty has formed a close bond with José's three children from a previous relationship.

Speaking on 'Extra', she said: "They're great, I love them."

But Eva dismissed recent speculation she and her 47-year-old fiance are planning to adopt a child together.

She said: "I will tell you one rumour that I want to clear up is... somebody said we're adopting. We're not adopting -- I don't know where that came from."

Things are going well professionally for the former 'Desperate Housewives' actress too and she's delighted to be back on screen in 'Telenovela'.

She said: "My big return to television, back in front of the camera... it's exciting!

"It's just so funny. It's a great big workplace comedy and it's not in Spanish -- people think it's in Spanish, it's in English!

"I play Anna Sophia, who's this star of this Spanish soap opera who doesn't speak Spanish, so she's kinda a fish out of water in this world and she has to work with all these crazy people but most of all her ex-husband comes back who she hates and she has to start working with him again."

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