Eva Mendes' exercise regime

Eva Mendes has admitted her exercise regime has suffered since she became a mother to her 14-month-old daughter Esmerelda because she doesn't have time to spend in a gym.

Eva Mendes' exercise regime

Eva Mendes' exercise regime has "gone out the window" since she became a mother 14 months ago.

The 41-year-old actress has admitted her daily routine has been shaken up since her daughter Esmerelda, whom she has with her partner Ryan Gosling, came into her life and she now no longer has time to spend hours in a gym.

She explained: "My beauty routine has changed since becoming a mother in that I'm still really diligent about it, but it's just at different times of the day."

She added: "The minute my daughter falls asleep for a nap or for the night, I'm just doing all my stuff. I feel like when I have a really busy day, especially since I've become a mum, the first thing to go out the window is exercise."

However, the brunette beauty believes her healthy diet helps to keep her weight balanced and body in tip-top condition.

She said: "That's where having a good, healthy, balanced diet comes into play. When I exercise, I just up the cardio and weight training when I need to."

She added to the Sunday Telegraph newspaper's Stella magazine: "I've found sprinting and running work really well for me. It's not fun but it is very challenging."

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