Eve Hewson's overprotective parents

Eve Hewson has admitted that her parents Bono and Ali Hewson didn't want her to have a career in showbusiness.

Eve Hewson's overprotective parents

Eve Hewson's mother used to make her late for auditions.

The 24-year-old actress - whose parents are Bono and Ali Hewson - admitted her mother was completely against her choice of career and did everything she could to sabotage it.

She said: "When I was about 16 and starting doing meetings, my mom would make me late for them on purpose because she just didn't want me to go.

"My parents absolutely weren't keen on me going into the business, probably because of all they've been through. I think my dad started out when he was 18 and probably wasn't aware of all the pitfalls and all you have to do to get there.

"There are some amazing things about the business and some difficult things but they just wanted to make sure I was aware of what I was getting in to."

And Eve thinks her father was protective because he has had to deal with a great deal of criticism in his career.

She explained: "A lot of the stuff he has to deal with is people abusing him. People can be mean for no reason, he didn't want that to happen to me."

However, now that Eve is older, her parents are much more supportive of her chosen career path.

She told the Irish Daily Mail: "They are always saying to directors 'oh you're a director, you should put my daughter in your movie'. And I'm like, 'oh my God, stop, please don't do that'."

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