Fast food lover steals more than £2,500 of chicken wings

Police are looking for a fast food enthusiast who stole chicken wings, ribs and fries worth more than £2,500.

Police are searching
Police are searching

A fast food lover has stolen chicken wings, ribs and fries worth more than £2,500.

The man is seen on CCTV footage in the store in Jacksonville, Florida, and police are currently trying to track him down.

A police spokesman explained: "An unknown suspect gained entry into the business by prying open the side door.

"Once inside, the suspect stole $4,000 worth of chicken, ribs, fries, and wings and an empty cash register."

Meanwhile, Ericka Morris, manager of the Jerome Brown BBQ, told ABC News: "It hurts employees, managers and the business owners.

"We wish whoever knows something about it, just turn them in. A close friend might know him. Just turn him in, because it's hurting everybody."

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