Fleur East felt out of her 'depth' in Hollywood

Fleur East has admitted she didn't feel comfortable when she first arrived in Hollywood.

Fleur East felt out of her 'depth' in Hollywood

Fleur East felt out of her "depth" when she first arrived in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old beauty - who came second place on 'The X Factor' last year - has recently completed her debut album after signing a record deal with Simon Cowell but she's admitted travelling to Hollywood was daunting.

Speaking about how she was advised to get Botox within five minutes of arriving, Fleur shared: "I felt a bit out of my depth, because I'd just got off the plane and my first session was with Babyface. Then I thought, 'I've been bursting to do this for years', and decided just to love every minute of it."

She added: "Making my album has been even better than I imagined it would be. I've written my own stuff for years and, once the label heard some of my songs, they were happy for me to just go full steam ahead."

Fleur also revealed that although everyone felt she was Simon's favourite on 'The X Factor', she still hasn't got his mobile number but believes she'll snap it up soon.

She added to Grazia magazine: Maybe I'll sell a few records first."

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