Florence Welch hates being self-centered

British singer Florence Welch has admitted she wishes she was less self-centered.

Florence Welch hates being self-centered

Florence Welch wishes she was less self-centered.

The 29-year-old singer has revealed she would like to be less caught up in her own problems and instead wishes she could help other people with theirs.

Asked what one character trait she most dislikes about herself, Florence said: "Self-centredness."

The chart-topping star admitted she once spent so much money on material possessions that she can't bring herself to acknowledge the sum.

She told the Observer newspaper: "I was drunk in a shop that sells designer vintage clothing and woke up in the morning clutching a Chanel handbag and wearing a coat. Even now I am too ashamed to tell anyone how much it cost."

Despite this, Florence thinks her life is following the correct path, even though she doesn't necessarily enjoy everything she's doing.

Asked to explain what life has taught her, the flame-haired singer said: "That everything is happening in the way it's supposed to, although it might not feel good at the time."

Earlier this year, Florence said her career is "basically over" because she is too happy to write music.

She said: "I have nothing to write about. I'm happy. But not too much. Just right.

"How can I write another album now? I'll have to find an awful texter to fall for - you look like terrible news, come and devastate me."

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