Frankie Bridge will lose baby weight gradually

Frankie Bridge isn't going to try and lose her baby weight too quickly once she's given birth to her second child this year.

Frankie Bridge will lose baby weight gradually

Frankie Bridge won't pressure herself to lose weight after her baby is born.

The Saturdays singer is expecting her second child with husband Wayne Bridge and, unlike after she gave birth to first son Parker, now 20 months old, she plans to take a "chilled" approach to getting her figure back.

Frankie - who is 31 weeks pregnant - said: "I put quite a lot of pressure on myself to lose my baby weight after Parker but this time I'm definitely going to be chilled about it."

Frankie and Wayne mark their first wedding anniversary next month but won't be having a big celebration until after their baby is born.

Writing in her OK! magazine column, she said: "It's our one-year wedding anniversary next month and we still haven't decided what to do.

"I'd love a big party with lots of champagne but being heavily pregnant, that isn't going to happen, so we'll probably end up going for dinner then having a belated celebration after the baby arrives."

The 26-year-old singer recently watched her wedding DVD for the first time and was overcome with emotion remembering her big day.

She said: "Wayne and I decided to watch our wedding DVD on the big screen in our cinema room. It's the first time we've watched it and I was so overcome with emotion reliving the day that I shed a few tears.

"The whole thing went by in a bit of a haze and I'd forgotten a lot of the lovely things that people had said about us, so my favourite part was watching back the speeches."

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