Gigi Hadid and Zayn deal with trolls together

Gigi Hadid calls on her boyfriend Zayn Malik and good pal Kendall Jenner to help her out when she is targeted by internet trolls.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn deal with trolls together

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik deal with internet trolls by "having each other".

The 20-year-old beauty - who has previously dated Joe Jonas and Cody Simpson - admitted she is glad to have her boyfriend to lean on when she is subjected to negative comments on social networking sites.

She said: "We cope with the trolls by having each other. It's the same thing as dating someone within the industry rather than out of the industry. You only understand it when you're literally experiencing it."

As well as former One Direction band member Zayn, 23, Gigi also gets advice from her good pal Kendall Jenner, 20, when she is targeted by online abusers.

She explained: "When people are really harsh? I live with my best friend from high school, but usually I'm going to call Kendall because Kendall's the one who will always be like, 'You don't need that, just let it go.' And I know that if that's working for her then it can work for me."

The star insists it is important that female stars in the entertainment industry stick together to rise against internet trolls.

Speaking to LOVE magazine, she added: "I think that that's the big one. It's not just us, it's a lot of women in the entertainment industry that are really supporting each other and showing that it's less cool to be mean than it is to be nice. I think that that's a very unique thing to our generation."

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