Gina Rodriguez: Fame harms relationships

Gina Rodriguez thinks being famous has caused her relationships and friendships to become more "difficult" to maintain.

Gina Rodriguez: Fame harms relationships

Gina Rodriguez thinks fame has made relationships more "difficult".

The 'Jane The Virgin' star - who broke up with her boyfriend earlier this year - admits it has been tough balancing her personal life and career.

She said: "Relationships and friendships have gotten a little more difficult. You have to keep a real and honest and clear passageway with everybody in your life.

"You can't allow the yes men to get in your head because the hype can be scary."

The 31-year-old actress also insists nothing has changed since she won her Golden Globe award earlier this year, although she says people believe everything has now "unfolded" for her because of it.

She added to PEOPLE magazine: "People think you hit some kind of success and then, boom, everything unfolds for you. But that's completely untrue. You have to work twice as hard because now everyone's, like, 'Yo! You got this award. You better get up on it!'"

Meanwhile, Gina previously revealed she is regularly left embarrassed when people ask if she is a virgin in real life because of the character she plays in the comedy show.

She said: "People ask me about my sex life all the time. Everyone wants to know if I'm really a virgin. But hey, I'm 30! Sometimes I'll walk into a room and someone will shout, 'Look, it's the virgin!' It's wildly inappropriate but I can see where their heart is."

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