Goldie Hawn never yelled at kids

Goldie Hawn has revealed she never yelled at her kids when they were growing up.

Goldie Hawn never yelled at kids

Goldie Hawn has never yelled at her children.

The 70-year-old star admitted that while she would get angry and frustrated with her kids when they were young, she was able to restrain herself and would never raise her voice to Kate Hudson, now 36, Oliver Hudson, 39 and Wyatt Russell, 29.

Asked if she had tips for bringing up children, she said: "I never lost control or yelled at my kids. They knew that if my nostrils flared, I was gravely disappointed. The more you get angry the less they listen to you."

Goldie - who has been with her partner Kurt Russell since 1983 - works with MindUp, a project that teaches meditation to children in schools.

And the blonde bombshell is able to advise families because despite her successful Hollywood career, acting always came second place to raising children.

She explained: "I'm a movie star and have all this stuff, but my life was about raising children, period. Of course I got angry when my kids were selfish or rude. Those times when you're sitting beside the sink, trying to calm yourself, I've been there.

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