Grimes doesn't want to let drugs rule her image

Grimes no longer wants drugs associated with her image and has decided to go clean to be a good role model for her young fans.

Grimes doesn't want to let drugs rule her image

Grimes has decided to dissociate herself from drugs for the sake of her fans.

The 27-year-old Canadian singer has seen many of her close friends die from narcotic use over the years and now she's decided to make a stand by not letting substances ruin her image as an artist because she's a role model for teenagers.

Speaking to ES magazine she said: "I've had a couple of very close friends die related to complications due to drug abuse. It can't be part of my life any more.

" And I don't want it to be part of Grimes either, because whether I like it or not, people do what I do -- or think what I do is cool. If you meet kids after a show and they're like, 'Yeah, Grimes, I want to do drugs with you.' It's f***ing scary when 13 year olds are like that. You're like: 'Oh my God, I'm like ruining the world' "'

Meanwhile, Grimes - whose real name is Claire Botcher - also admitted she is "allergic" to the idea of her music and work as a producer being judged on appearance because until now she thought she was "ugly".

She explained: "I was always a very ugly person until recently. I had terrible hair and bad skin. So the whole thing is pretty odd.

"My self-identity is so strongly based on my abilities as an artist and as a producer and an engineer, I'm allergic to the idea of ever being evaluated on my physical appearance.

"When people are like, 'Marry me, Grimes' -- I'm like, AGHHHGH. Like I can't... it's every day. Marry me, marry me. It's so weird."

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