Guy Garvey: I won't give my band the Elbow

Guy Garvey insists he isn't neglecting Elbow by making a solo album and has the full support of the guys.

Guy Garvey: I won't give my band the Elbow

Guy Garvey hasn't "turned" his back on Elbow.

The singer and guitarist is heading out on a tour of the UK and Ireland next month with his first ever solo album, titled 'Courting The Squall', but is adamant his band - who released the number one album 'The Take Off and Landing of Everything' just last year - is still very much his priority.

He shared: "I've not turned my back on the lads. I thought I could fit another album in between Elbow records.

"The boys needed time with their kids, I asked if they minded and they were all fine. I needed their approval. I didn't consider the record finished until I sent it to them. They've been really supportive."

He added: "I'm most looking forward to seeing my Elbow bandmates in the audience. I was out with ( Elbow bassist) Pete Turner and he was threatening to put me off when I play ... he was the one who said I should tour. He said I'd regret it if I didn't, as it's such a good record."

Despite the support of Pete, Richard Jupp, and brothers Craig and Mark Potter, the 'One Day Like This' singer admits his old pals "wouldn't be into" some of the songs on his LP.

He told The Sun newspaper: "There are things on this record that would never end up on an Elbow record. Stuff the lads wouldn't be into ... the synth solo on 'Angela's Eyes' and some longer instrumental passages.

"In parts it's like Elbow but a bit sparser. Other times the record goes off in a totally different direction, it's a bit groovier and a bit more edgy, but ultimately it's fun."

Guy, 40, believes the time he has spent on 'Courting The Squall' has actually helped him find his place in Elbow.

He said: "I see my songs as little gifts that pop up here and there. The whole point of doing an extra album between Elbow albums is finding out how I really contribute to Elbow, and am I any good?"

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