Guy Ritchie 'interested' in women's clothes

Guy Ritchie has developed an "interest" in women's clothing and spends hours browsing the female garments in designer stores.

Guy Ritchie 'interested' in women's clothes

Guy Ritchie has developed an "interest" in women's clothing.

The 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' filmmaker - who tied the knot with model Jacqui Ainsley last month - spends hours "aimlessly" browsing racks of dresses in upmarket stores, but he doesn't really understand his new-found fascination.

He said: "As I've got older, I've become more interested in women's clothing. I don't know exactly why that is, but I find myself sometimes aimlessly wandering around designer stores, looking at women's dresses.

"I used to be into sporting, and now at the age of 45, I've discovered women's clothing -- one day, I'll get into classical music, too!"

Guy - who has sons Rocco, 15, and David, nine, with ex-wife Madonna, and kids Rafael, three, Rivka, two, and 13-month-old Levi with Jacqui - always has a "good time" when working on a film and is left mystified when he hears horror stories of directors being difficult or unpleasant to their cast.

He added in an interview with Vulture: "The curious thing about directors is that there aren't too many who go to other directors' film sets, but I hear horror stories about what goes on, and it mystifies me how that could happen.

"Anyone who has wanted to become a film director and becomes one and is paid to do it as a career, you'd think they'd be incredibly grateful about the position.

"Levity is a word that I try to hang onto, because the filmmaking business should be a fun business. There seems to be no good reason why everyone shouldn't be having a good time."

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