Gwen Stefani in a 'good place'

Gwen Stefani feels she has entered a new chapter in life since she divorced Gavin Rossdale and began dating Blake Shelton.

Gwen Stefani in a 'good place'

Gwen Stefani is in a "good place".

The 'What You Waiting For' hitmaker is now dating fellow 'The Voice USA' star Blake Shelton following her split from Gavin Rossdale and insists she is starting a "whole new chapter" in her life.

She told The Ellen DeGeneres Show: "I'm in a good place. I'm having a lot of fun, it's like a whole new life, a whole new chapter."

Meanwhile, the 46-year-old singer previously admitted she wishes her divorce from the 50-year-old musician never happened but says she feels "a lot of joy" now.

She said: "I wish it didn't happen. I wish this that all this wasn't happening but at the same time, I feel like it was part of my life journey. [But] I've got a lot of joy right now."

However, Gwen admits that listening back to her old music has made her realise how unhappy she was in the past.

She explained: "Because of my situation right now... I feel like I go back and listen to a lot of that stuff and I'm, like, I get sick. You look at the songs and go, 'That was a red flag!'

"In my life, I've had two really bad heartbreaks and I've written some really incredible music out of it. I feel so lucky to have that, and to be able to share it."

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