Hannah Spearritt 'didn't realise' how much she earned with S Club 7

Former S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt has revealed how much she was earning with the band.

Hannah Spearritt 'didn't realise' how much she earned with S Club 7

Hannah Spearritt "didn't really realise" how much she was earning during her time with S Club 7.

The 34-year-old pop star-turned-actress has revealed that because of her lack of life experience, she had no real appreciation of how fortunate she was at the height of the band's popularity.

She shared: "I got about £600,000 from S Club 7 over four years. It was a lot of money, I didn't really realise."

Hannah, who has subsequently become an actress on British TV, admitted she had no concept of how her earnings compared to other working people.

She said, too, that she used the money to buy a house with ex-boyfriend and bandmate Paul Cattermole.

The blonde star told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "I used it to buy my first ever house with Paul. It was nice. We paid £375,000 and then sold it for about £475,000 after three years.

"I didn't realise how lucky I was then to be able to buy the house outright. I really appreciate it now."

Hannah still receives royalties from her days with S Club 7, although she insisted it is a relatively modest amount of money.

She said: "You might get 57p or a couple of thousand. It really depends. You can't rely on it, but it's a bonus when it does come in."

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